My recent body of work is an exploration of a partially imagined pseudo-narrative netherworld haunted by some unidentified collective trauma. A series of lush scenes bathed in personal secrets. I am interested in identity and self-presentation as they relate to power relationships, cult and tribal grouping, femme presentation, ritual and the solipsistic need to touch each other.

Born and raised in south Los Angeles. Skies stained with smog, hot smells, heavy sweats and the unending echo of distant gun shots. I was born into heavy religion and deep poverty and despite its downfalls, a life still sprinkled with the privilege of whiteness. The apocalypse of biblical Revelation seems scant different from the current state of our edible earth. Eat her; we will devour her and ourselves whole. I make art because it the only way I can sublimate the confusion of mere existence.

 Northwestern MFA 2020


CV available upon request